Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy

Sink into a warm cocoon of deep relaxation and healing, as you lie down on a soft bed of crushed salt sand. Feel the calming sensation of smooth Himalayan Salt Stones, as they glide over your skin, removing toxins, improving sleep quality and soothing sore muscles.

full hour $125 | 90 minutes $165 | 2 hours $230

Signature Moroccan Massage

Our Signature Massage enlivens the skin with dry brushing, followed by a luxurious massage, using the nourishing exotic oils and scents of Morocco.

full hour $130 | 90 minutes $170 | 2 hours $240

Spa Massage

A customized therapeutic massage, designed to fit your needs.

30 minutes $65 | full hour $110 | 90 minutes $155 | 2 hours $199

Aromatherapy Compression

This is a deep relaxation massage. Hot towels are soaked in calming essential oils, and compressed onto the skin. This restorative treatment is ideal to help induce healthier sleep patterns. (Studies show an hour massage gives benefits equal to 3 hours of deep sleep)

full hour $130 | 90 minutes $170

Couple's Massage

You and your sweetie deserve a little quality time together!

full hour $195 | 2 hours $370

Maternity Massage

A nurturing treatment, designed to help you relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Pillows are placed for maximum comfort, and support. Refresh your body during this special time.

full hour $115 | 90 minutes $160


Stimulate the acupuncture points in the feet and hands, for preventative health, and improved energy.

30 minutes, feet only $50 | 45 minutes, hands and feet $70


Add on Aromatherapy.


Dry Brushing

Add on Dry Brushing.


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